Friday, 6 February 2009


To understand
to comprehend
to elucidate
the meaning of


without a name
is but a noun.

There was an attempt to compose some paragraphs of accompanying prose. However, my thoughts about death are scattered over too large an area for me to collect and mould into words with ease. Perhaps in the future, near or distant, there will be an article on the macabre subject of death on this page, but for now a glimpse of the aforementioned attempt must suffice:

"Often, death parades itself before our life-inebriated eyes as digits - numbers - which run to and from our television screens. Or as well-orchestrated rows and columns of ink on the front page of newspapers, before it is sent packing to its less glamorous retirement home in the 'World News' section a day or two after."


Faridah said...

u write well my dear. try writing a book and publish it... but not at the expense what u have now. do well... and take care. loves and hugs.

Khairil Haidhar Roslan said...

spent 5-10 minutes digesting those lines.worth digested.