Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Time travel

How blissful to be
no more than six and 4 inches and 3 feet.

What do we do when the good old days are long gone? We bring them back, starting with a box of children's cereals if you, like me, have had it banished from your pantry for some reason or other. We wake up plenty of mornings, grappling with our identities - unsure about the present, apprehensive about the future; what better than to throw all caution to the wind and travel with mind and soul to those times when happiness was absolute.

(Don't let snowstorms delay your flights).


njahmat said...
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njahmat said...

hehe. i deleted the first comment cuz i wanted to say "how about being barely five feet at the age of 19? not much fun. boy, you were tall at the age of 6".. yes, that's my new comment now=P

Faridah said...

It's pretty abstract, but one should know oneself and the course to take. Most times what's planned may steer off course and hopefully the navigator is quick to steer back on course. Anyway, life itself is full of surprises (good and bad ones) without these it is not life. So live life to the fullest (within boundaries of course)with a good purpose. NJ doesn't matter what size you are, it is what's inside the person that counts. Take care u 2. :)