Saturday, 22 November 2008

Until then, dear friend.

With powder-like rain,
that cooled the already waning heat of Summer;
but fell intermittent,
to share its moment with the stubborn Summer sun.

That was how you came.

With days that made the leaves cascade;
that scattered them gently on the ground;
that painted the world
in transfixing hues of gold and amber.

That was how you came.

I welcomed you with the greatest of joys
and I was lulled into sleepy contentment.
I slowed down,
so I could breathe you in,
savour your presence.

From you I drew inspiration
and by you I was reminded about the beauty of life.

But the last leaves have been allowed their last dance,
and they are about to take their final bow.
The city will soon turn bleak and grey as the gold and amber are swept away.
And soon enough you too will leave,
just as once did the summer breeze.

I suppose it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Time for wrapping up and romantic nights with gallons of hot chocolate.

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Faridah said...

interesting. try contributing articles to the newspapers or magazines or compile your writings and get them published. How long did that take to write. shouldn't u b doing something else MORE productive?