Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Good afternoon!

I can't claim to know entirely the purpose of the next few paragraphs. But I have been injected - to the point of saturation - with zest and zeal, and I feel that I must share this with you as it was, very easily, the best laugh I've had all week.

Barbra Streisand's Smile playing in the background.

"This is supposed to be one of those songs that you listen to when you're depressed, to make you feel better... and less depressed about life. But the music is so melancholic that it makes you want to just... (and here I made a gesture, which I hoped was sufficient to render the actual saying of 'kick off' unnecessary.)"

More Barbra Streisand in the background.

"Yes, I'm beginning to think how I could use this fork (light gripping of fork, which was covered with a healthy amount of frosting and cupcake crumbs - a feeble attempt at theatre) to... (and here, hand movements that one would normally associate with wrist-slitting)"

A lot of laughter.

"This could be one of those songs that you listen to while you slit your wrists!" I laughed very, very hard.

A rather macabre, morbid subject to laugh about, I completely agree. In my defence, however, when you're under the influence of the devil('s food cupcake) and a good game of Scrabble, anything has the potential to be of great comedic value.

Thank you for a fantastic Wednesday afternoon.


chuck bass said...

Why fantastic? I had an awesome moon lastnight =)

njahmat said...

I was happy when you finally updated your blog. And yes, the quizzes are too much. You doing the Northeast Malaysian Forum?

The Keen Observer said...

Chuck Bass, a bit of a random comment, don't you think?

NJ, what Northeast Malaysian Forum?