Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Little Heartwarmer

I love early mornings. I love throwing the door to my little patio open; letting out the staleness that my flat is wont to accumulate in the night, letting in the cool but oh-so-refreshing Spring morning. I love how I somehow manage to expand my mind in the mornings: how I learn of and warm to things I never thought I liked.

It was during one of these mornings not too long ago that I discovered the wonders of Chopin and the person whom I believe interprets his compositions best, Arthur Rubinstein.

This morning, while traversing the
Telegraph blogs, my gaze fell upon a name. One which wasn't completely unfamiliar and yet did not seem to associate itself with anything that my mind was aware of: Susan Boyle.

Out of curiosity, I followed the link. And I was glad I did.

I could, and would, provide a short commentary, but I fear that doing so would spoil the
experience for you. (I did make an honest attempt to embed the video here, to make life just slightly easier for you, but I believe this has been disallowed by the video's owner[s].)


Arthini Mohd Sham said...

susan boyle is very inspiring isn't she?

The Keen Observer said...

I wouldn't say inspiring, but she (the responses she received, rather) does make you feel like the world is not as terrible a place as the newspapers want us to believe... A large dose of Hollywood in insipid British reality TV!