Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Just briefly

While it would have been immensely satisfying to write about magnificent blue skies and heightened spirits, and glorious weather and fleeting fantasies of lazy, Indian summers, I do not at all regret my failure to sit down long enough to chronicle the arrival of May. The reason for this is simple: life demands, with child-like impatience, that it be lived. And live I have since the last time I wrote. Living and discovering, uncovering, unearthing. As I write this, the clock tick-tocks away, reminding me of the time that I am wasting; of the experiences that I am forgoing. But I need this – to write, to put things into perspective.

I have had a wonderful afternoon, filled with sugary delights and thought-provoking conversations (some of which I will develop into lengthy articles, should you have the time and inclination to read). I shall stop here for now, but hope to write again tomorrow or the day after. I hope you have had a good start to the week and may the next couple of days be full of inspiration.

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